Phantom Mini Chubby - #3

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#1 Black/White/Brown-copper acrylic body with black delrin buttons

#2 Copper/Grey acrylic body with frosted acrylic buttons
#3 Purple/Copper acrylic body with black delrin buttons

Length: 48mm / 1.89"
Width: 29mm / 1.14” 
Body: 16mm / 0.63"
Tall at the Buttons: 22mm / 0.87"  
Button Diameter: 24.5mm / 0.96"

Weight; (Body/Buttons Approx.)

23g / .811oz

Body Material;
Interlaced Acrylic

Button Material;

Body Finish;


R188 10 Ball 

Set Screw;
Nylon Set Screw

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA by 2R Designs

DISCLAIMER: *(Please thoroughly read the following disclaimer)
Acrylics, Plastic and Resins are not metal. These materials can & will fracture, crack, break, and/or shatter if not handled with care. These materials, if dropped on a hard surface, such as on concrete, black top, hardwood floor, or on similar surface, damage may occur. We recommend using nylon set screws to help minimizing stripping and blowout. Continual button changes, or changing out set screw to metal, can strip the threads or blow out the button. By purchasing products in these materials, you acknowledge these risks and agree that 2R Designs will be unable to offer a refund or replacement as a result of any damage sustained. All sales are final.