Boomerang Mini

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Dimension; (Approx)
Length: 45.72mm / 1.80"
Width: 42.16mm x 1.66” 
Tall at the Buttons: 17mm / 0.67"  
Button Diameter: 23mm / 0.90" 

Weight; (Approx.)
Brass: 106g / 3.74oz
Copper: 110g / 3.88oz
Stainless Steel: 100g / 3.49oz
Titanium: 56g / 1.94oz

360 Brass
Copper 145 Tellurium
303 Stainless Steel
Titanium Grade 2

Brass: Lightly Polished, Machine Finish & Face Light Brush
Brass: Glass Beaded & Face Light Brush
Copper: Lightly Polished, Machine Finish & Face Light Brush
Copper: Glass Beaded & Face Light Brush
Stainless Steel: Lightly Polished, Machine Finish & Face Light Brush
Stainless Steel: Stonewash & Face Light Brush
Titanium: Lightly Polished, Machine Finish & Face Light Brush

Button Finish
Non Engraved
Machine Engraved


R188 10 Ball 

Certificate of Authenticity Card will have a Serial Number
Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA by 2R Designs