Boomerang Micro Button Set - Blue Tongue Damasteel

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The Boomerang Micro button set is designed to fit spinners with glue or press fit R188 bearings. The Please use the specifications below to confirm the buttons will fit your spinner. 


15mm / 0.59"  Diameter: 
16mm / 0.63"  Assembled Height

Button Materials;
Authentic Bluetongue Damasteel 

Acid Etched

Two Process Etch and Hand Polished

Please Note:
Damasteel patterns may vary from the images shown. The Pattern in the damasteel is created with a forging process. Variations in the steel pattern, including inclusions are common due to the nature of the forging process. Colors and patterns may vary from pictures shown. Listing is only for buttons, spinner is not included.

Threaded for easy changing and removal for maintenance.


Certificate of Authenticity Card will have a Serial Number
Designed and Manufactured in the USA by 2R Designs