Bladelock Dense Twist Damasteel 21mm Button Set

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Fit the Syth, Bladelock, Hatchet, Boomerang 2 and Boomerang Mini v2


.83" (21mm) Diameter
Assembled Button Height 0.53" (13.46mm) 

Button Materials;
Authentic Dense Twist Damasteel DS95X

Acid Etched

Two Process Etch and Hand Polished

Fits R188 Bearing

Certificate of Authenticity Card will have a Serial Number
Designed and Manufactured in the USA by 2R Designs.

Note: Damasteel patterns may vary from the images shown. The Pattern in the damasteel is created with a forging process. Variations in the steel pattern, including inclusions are common due to the nature of the forging process. For Button Set Only. Spinners Are For Reference Only.